Perma Flex

Permaflex is an overlay for new surfaces which performs as a base and was designed for deteriorated parking lots. A federal trademark exist to product the products name. Uniform Paving & Seal Coating LLC uses a Permaflex overlay system. If you have cracked or deteriorated parking lot or driveway Uniform Paving & Seal Coating LLC can repair the damage. With over 50 years of experience in the industry our permaflex overlay paving contractors are experienced with the application of Perma Flex® and we repair potholes and deterioration before applying overlay. Overlaying and repairing your parking lot and driveway is very cost effective.

Benefits of permaflex overlaying:

• Repairs Damage to Parking Lot or Driveway
• Makes Parking Lot or Driveway look new
• Fixes drainage issues
• Fixes Potholes and Depressions
• Jobs done neatly
• Cost Effective
• Landscape Material