Protect your asphalt from destructive elements using Sand Slurry Sealer.

Sand Slurry Sealer  is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, graded aggregates, mineral filler, water and other additives. The mixture is made and placed on a continuous basis using a travel paver (Slurry Surfacing Machine). The travel paver meters the mix components in a predetermined order into a pug mill. The typical mixing order is aggregate followed by cement, water, the additive and the emulsion.

A slurry seal is a thin surface treatment that is laid in a thickness equal to the largest stone in the grading of its component aggregate. It may include either a conventional or polymer modified emulsion, and the slurry seal may be slow or quick setting. The emulsion is usually cat-ionic in nature, but may be anionic.

What is Slurry Seal Used For?

  • Seal sound and oxidize pavements
  • Restore surface texture by providing a skid-resistant wearing surface
  • Improve waterproofing
  • Correct raveling
  • Provide a new surface where weight restrictions preclude the use of heavier overlays (e.g., bridge decks)
  • Provide a new surface where height restrictions are a problem (e.g., over crossings)

What Should Slurry Seal Should NOT be Used For?

  • Correct surface profile
  • Fill potholes
  • Alleviate cracking (with or without polymer modification)